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Person you want to curse when India losses cricket match. The person which any Indian can curse
I failed in exam taripan afridi chya aaichi gand...
Utha utha sakal zali afridichya aaichi gand mhanaychi vel zali...
by nikola tesla February 14, 2015
A filthy animal who doesn't know the difference between an apple and a pear.
Mr T. I pity the fool, he so stupid he is a cowboys fan.
by Nikola tesla February 06, 2015
Proof that males are biologically dominant over females
The Y chromosome is dominant over the X chromosome. No matter what, a person with a Y chromosome will be male. XXY(Klinefelters) sufferers are male, albiet having TWO X chromosomes.
by Nikola Tesla October 29, 2006

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