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To unleash an incredibly large quantity of semen onto a crowd of innocent bystanders with no shame or regret of doing so.

Not to be confused with Broken Hose, Crying Snake, Saggy Water Balloon, or Sex Monsoon.
He got tired of waiting at the bus stop and decided to fire hydrant everyone around him.
by Niko Zorich December 27, 2009
Fear of Barack Obama or just white-talking black people in general. It is a ver rare occasion.
Red states = Obamaphobic.
by Niko Zorich November 13, 2008
1. To eat large amounts of mayonnaise then regurgitate it into a young woman's asshole.

2. To sail the seven seas with your best friend.
"I went to a Barfalahmayhoe party on Christmas Eve with my best friend's mom. I had an amazing time."
by Niko Zorich August 04, 2008
To laugh in such a manner that you soil yourself.
So, Niko kept making shits n' giggles and Brandon ran to the restroom.
by Niko Zorich December 27, 2009

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