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The act of accessorizing in order to increase one's sexual appeal or attractiveness.
Girl 1: Zomg I have totally let myself go... now my boyfriend will never touch me

Girl 2: It's okay babe, let us start acsexorizing you then not just your boyfriend but everyone will be wanting a piece of that ass
by Nikljj June 30, 2010
A shadow/clone of oneself that is used for sexual practices or escapes.
Example 1:
Guy: "God I'm so horny, I wish I had somebody to screw."

*His shadow rises from the ground*
"I guess that dopple-banger will have to do."

Example 2:
Guy: "Honey I'm home, guess what."
Gal: "What is it dear?"
Guy: "I got a raise from my boss, you know the one that resembles the form of some gelatinous mass?"
Gal: "How did you come by that?"
Guy: "All she wanted was a man again, just for the evening."
Gal: "What the fuck are you saying Guy!?!?!?!?!"
Guy: "Oh don't worry, I wouldn't plow that swine, I had my dopple-banger today, got the job done right without any hassle from me."
by Nikljj January 29, 2011
The act of taking one's penis, navigating it through their gooch, tucking it under, fitting the tip inside of their rectum, and proceeding to urinate past their sphincter.
Guy: "Dude guess what!"
Dude: "What?"
Guy: "I got these new pills and they enhanced my unit, now I am able to Auto-urenemate!"
Dude: "That's fucking awesome! I need to get me some of those, my sphincter is parched."
by Nikljj January 29, 2011
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