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something you wish for that isn't really there.
Dude: Hey,where is your car?
Other Guy: What car? Yeah,uh,had a little accident...now all I have is my imaginary car.
Dude: Wow,that sucks,guess that makes two of us.
by NikkySeay June 26, 2008
Wolf charmer,or wolf enchanter,every colony needed on in the past times,usually a girl.A nice voice is needed and must have singing ability so that they can lure wolves or a wolf away from much needed livestock.They can howl with the wolves and communicate somewhat with them,they are also said to have the ability to shapeshift into a wolf and it is their spirit animal thats inside them.
She could definently be a Lupicinus...but there isn't much to proove it with.
by NikkySeay June 26, 2008

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