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A person of German descent, or speaker of the German language who has exhibited the qualities of a Douchebag.
See Hitler.

Also useful Deutschebaggish, Deutschebaggery.
Satan:"So, now that you're here, do you have anything to say for yourself?"

Hitler:"I spit on you and swear that it is the souls of the Jews that belong here in hell, and not I, leader of the master race! You bring disgrace to all of Deutscheland!"

Satan:"Man, and people think I'M bad... What a Deutschebag."

"I can't stand Rob and his Deutschebaggery."
by Nikkun December 03, 2007
The word "pimp" where both instances of the letter 'p' are inverted vertically. Usually occurs when the speaker is drunk and speaking from text, or alternatively if the speaker is suffering from dyslexia.
"Excuse me, your resume says that you worked as a bimb last summer, can you explain what your job was?"
by Nikkun December 03, 2007

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