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A person you causally have sex with, but don't like or know enough to call them fuckbuddy or fuckfriend.
Guy 1: Is she your fuckbuddy??

Guy 2: Nah.. I don't really know her... she's more of a Fuckquaintance.
by Nikkonikko August 15, 2009
Another name for Mike 'n Ikes. Usually used during card games w/ friends
Hey, Ian, pass the Mikies.
by Nikkonikko August 15, 2009
Another word for the Hot Tamales (the candy). Usually used while playing cards w/ friends.
Hey, Daniel, pass the Hot Tams
by Nikkonikko August 15, 2009
A mess-up or situation that is worse then a Fuck Up but not as bad as a Cluster Fuck
Guy 1: What the hell just happened?

Guy 2: This whole thing is a Bumble Fuck

Guy 3: It could be worse, it could've been a total clusterfuck

Guy 1 & 2: True, True
by Nikkonikko August 15, 2009

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