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weekend, the days on the sides of a calendar i.e. Saturday and Sunday.
Person 1: Hey what're you doing on the side?
Person 2: I'm going to Lake Taho with Matta dn Jess.
by Nikkola March 06, 2005
To feel bigger about something; to look at a problem from above and realize that it's not as bad as it initially looked.
You know, I feeked over it for a while, and there really is no point to fearing a break-up; I mean, if it happens it happens and it'll suck but I'll be okay with it.
by Nikkola March 13, 2005
a branch of emo which branched from punk. Screamo is emo with more black metal involved as the singer of the band tends to yell more. Also, the point of the songs usually go into deeper subjects than ex-partners, rather they'll talk about confusion or the mist that comes out of falling in love or simply from life in general.
The band Tessai is screamo, their beats are a bit emo, metal, and trance all at the same time.
by Nikkola March 04, 2005

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