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Famous Hollywood movie star. No one *really* knows what his true face looks like, because of the elaborate costumes and makeup he wears in his films. Over the years, scientists have been able to piece together what his actual face is like, but so far refuse to release it to the general public, fearing that the immense hotness of his natural good looks would make the world explode.

Since no one knows what he looks like (except for really hot), you can compliment almost anyone in the world by saying they look like Johnny Depp.
Person 1: Say, you look like Johnny Depp today!
Person 2: Aw, shucks.

Person 1: Wow, you really got your Johnny Depp face on tonight!
Person 2: But.. I'm a girl.
Person 1: I didn't say you weren't!
by Nikkita Jayne July 07, 2010

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