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A challenge in persistance and minimal effort for maximum results.
Though I've received enough to use as coasters, I have only used one AOL free cd in the past 2.5 years of free service, because apparently, the yelling customer is always right and always deserves an extension to free service, even if said customer has never paid a dime to aol.
#frees worth #scary robotic voices #frizbee #frisbee #aol
by NikkiNikki July 31, 2006
The attempt made at All U Can Eat buffets, making use of the aol free cd, or getting hammered at a wedding with open bar.
I puked on myself, and my second cousin, after I made out with him in front of my family. Perhaps I should relax on the wine. But then again, it's my duty to get my freesworth.
#cheap #gluttony #aol free cd #free #buffet
by NikkiNikki July 31, 2006
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