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3 definitions by NikkiAnn

Obviously, the iPod is a brand of portable media players designed and marketed by Apple Computer.

The term IPODABLE refers to the corresponding bundled hardware, software and accessories one can use with the iPod. The term can also be used when referencing other electronic or computer devices that are not Apple products but nonetheless have been designed to work specifically with the iPod.

This term was coined by Carl Landkammer, lunch buddy extraodinaire (when Debbie or I drive of course), frequent thrower of items into people's cube's and imaging enthusiast.
Carl: Is your CD player in your car iPodable?

Nicole: Huh?

Carl: Does your CD player in your car work with your iPod, is it iPodable?

Nicole: GREAT WORD! Yes. Yes it is.
by NikkiAnn October 25, 2006
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Use in language as you would the word "almost" but "cintralmost" means MUCH closer than almost. Also, "cintralmost" is the combination of two words which makes it that much MORE powerful in the English language.
Nicole: Did you watch Rockstar Supernova last night? They used my word combination of fantastical! I should write my own dictionary of terms ... I could be famous!

Jeff: You mean you could be cintralmost famous ...
by NikkiAnn September 19, 2006
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Named after the production manager of the universe: Matthew Hurd. One uses the phrase HURDLES when referring to Matt himself or any other manager/boss. It is imperative that you use the term HURDLES only when he/she is not around. Using the term around your manager/boss could result in termination.
Robert: Wanna got to lunch today at about noon?

Nicole: I can't (looking sad and depressed but still oh so cute), Hurdles is teaching me how to do a Pro today and it needs to be done before I go to lunch. Maybe tomorrow.

James: Ah man. Tell Hurdles you're hungary and let's go!

Nicole: No, it's cool, I wouldn't want to make Hurdles mad ... you go on without me and we can have lunch tomorrow.
by NikkiAnn September 26, 2006
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