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People who are clearly black, but insist upon pretending to be mexican. Characteristics include but are not limited to:

nappy hair that is often referred to by the blexican as a fro-hawk

dry skin that is in serious need of lotion

usually listens to latin ameican, raggaeton, or white music

wearing the same clothes everyday such as skinny jeans that button instead of zipping at the crotch

they are familiar with all latin gangs in their city

the most recognizable trait is loudly and obnoxiously speaking a language referred to by the blexican as spanish when it is clearly jibberish

they are usually ugly and identify themseleves as mexicans because they are self-concious.
S.M: look at J.B.'s black ass speaking spanish with that nappy fro-hawk!

K.M: he need to rub on some lotion while he listeing to that retarded music.

S.M: He wore those same skinny jeans yesterday and he thank he in the gang with Javier and Elder!!!

K.M: YEAH!!! He is such a BLEXICAN
by Nikki101891 January 14, 2010

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