1 definition by Nikki Chip piefearon Benitez

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Practically the most rudest, Ugliest bitch that has ever walked this planet.

She is a compulisive liar that don't know when to shut the fuck up.
She will lie her way through sympathy and has no emotions.
everyone hates her sooner or later, and she moves schools everyday.
She messes up people lives and friendships and should be gone from the face of the earth. SNM
Jazmin: Hey Leah, Whats new?
Leah: Ohhh you fat bitch go suck your mum.
Jazmin: :O Thats not very nice.
Leah: I have no feelings and imma go tell ma mama some lies about how you bully me.
Jazmin: :'( YOUR SUCH A LEAH!!!!
Leah: Everyone hates me so i'll go move schools now.
by Nikki Chip piefearon Benitez October 17, 2010

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