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The longation of the word 'DANK' meaning very awesome, or cool.
Something said to have very high quality.
The F Flat Orchestra played such a danktacular show tonight!
by Nikki B! December 27, 2007
A word used to describe something of high quality.
Satisfaction in other words.
That was so Dank!
That guitar solo was dankage.
by Nikki B! December 27, 2007
Saddie is a word to describe a person who looks sad.
Saddie- an emotion that makes one feel in low spirits.
you wopuldn't really call yourself saddie, but it's what you would ask another person, or see in one's face.
A word to replace 'unhappy'
You look so saddie today.
Are you feeling a little saddie?
Don't be saddie, okay. The sun is shining and God loves you.
by Nikki B! December 27, 2007
A unattractive person whose defining characteristic of their personality is their egotism. Most often used to describe typically one-dimensional preps, chauches, or the like. It's hard to describe what a Chud is. It's usually better to just, point one out.
The chuds all stood around talking about how great they are, with their hollister clothes and their jock jerseys, when in reality their ego's were so big, they couldn't fit through the door.
by Nikki B! December 27, 2007
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