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A word that I made up one day and it somehow spread around the internet... wow... its another word for ok..
don't really have one...
by Nikki February 26, 2005
Mix any liquid with your balls and give that drink to someone.
Joey Teabagged my mixed drink and i didn't find out until the day after the party.
by Nikki February 18, 2004
The future of hip-hop, telling us the truth thru the medium he knows best - hot beats!

Speaks from the heart. Rapper and producer, all round amazing guy.
Who has the balls to stand up and talk about pain and God, and make it sound good? Kanye West
by nikki April 07, 2004
kalamazoo, yes its real!! i have been there!!!! it has a nice mall, and its in MICHIGAN!!!!!!! yeah..... and its quite big and it has KVCC! lol, which is a lame ass colege but it works
lets go to the bad side of kalamazoo and get some hookers babe!!!!! CHEAH!
by nikki October 14, 2006
adam thinks nikki is satan
nikki can control shiney demons. cuz shes satan.
by nikki February 15, 2005
A person that eats pussy.
My girlfriend is a Cake Eater.
by Nikki July 20, 2004
2dope ur by far the fittest bloke on gods green earth!!!
c u in november shaggy 2 dope...
by nikki October 01, 2003

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