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A "vegetarian" vampire. Girls swoon over him pathetically. Girls think he's sexy.
He knows he is.

While I have to admit he is cute. Just not sexy. He "dazzles" girls. And makes them wish he was real.

Girl #1- Edward! Your soooooo hot and sexy
Girl #2- Wayyyy hot and sexy!!! *swoon*

Edward Cullen- I know.I kno- Ooooo, Look at that handsome man. *dazzle dazzle*
by NikiZee April 18, 2009
A pretty kick-ass series.

With the exception of "vegetarian" vampires. And "over-protecive, controlling"

Oh and don't forget the "normal" he falls in love with.

Over-protective Vampire- No. You will not see him again. You'll get hurt!

"Normal" Girl- No I won't! *stomps foot*
by NikiZee April 18, 2009

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