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when you cum but your crying at the same time....grinding to dashboard
Dude, that cute little emo freshman makes me want to emorgasm. HAWT
by Niki WIlliams May 02, 2005
A combination of the phrases "for real" and "seriously". The two are combined to form "for-serious", adapted later to "ferserious" meaning "really serious." Most commonly used in question form.
"When I first heard that Anna and Billy were going steady, I didn't think it was ferserious, so I asked outloud 'Are you ferserious?!?'"
by Niki Williams August 16, 2003
A combination of the phrases "for real?" and "seriously?". The two joined together form "for-serious", adapted to "ferrserrious" meaning "are you really serious?"
Girl1: "Billy and Anna are like totally screwing in the bathroom right now!"
Girl2: "Holy Shit! Ferserious!?!"
by Niki Williams August 16, 2003

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