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Darien is a small town that has a populatio of nice and preppy people. I should know because my friends and I are one of those nice people. Not all people in Darien are rich and drink alcohol. The only reason we wear brands such as polo, juicy,vinyard vines,ect. is becuase we care about how we come across to other people. It's called pride. Most of us have extremly good grades and don't go to collage on just sports scholarships becasue we actually work for the grades and many peoples goals are to get into collages like princton, harvard, and other good collages. It has nothing to do with donating money. And not ALL of our houses are on the water. And we dont all have over sized SUVS, ever heard pollution? I've seen plenty of other cars, such as mercedes, Jeeps, mini coopers, and even a few not so nice cars.And their not all blue either, for example mine is silver, and I've seen a lot red and yellow and green cars too. And maybe some of the houses are close together but thats only because we have to make room for all the people to live here because so many people want live in such a friendly town. We shop at the Darien Sport shop only because they have the best clothes and those clothes are the latest style. Nobody wants to be left out!!! And noone shops at target, come on! And the Stepford Wives was filmed here I know the house it was filmed in and i know some of the extras in the movie, they wanted real darieners. Also a soon to be movie is comming out that ws filmed here on Prospect starring Uma Therman. So think twice before you diss us. know your facts. By the way we are the leading unicef donator in the country so we give back what we get about 44,000$ from just the middleschool alone! Beat That Norwalk, Greeenwich, and Stanford!!!!!
"Lets go to The Darien Sport Shop today and buy a vera Bradley pencil case, some polos, and ecpeccially my favorite Juicy Catour!"
by Niki S November 07, 2006
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