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5 definitions by NiiceGuy

what might happen when comopletely believing in all the predictions.
"im sooooo frikin uninspired"

"check out your horrorscope and see whats gonna happen" "maybe youll meet your soul mate soon"

*checks hororscope*

"im gonna meet the love of my life in 3 days!!!! AND win the lottery!!!!!"

*4 days later*

"breaks up with bf and gets in car accident."
by NiiceGuy September 04, 2008
0 3
new immigrant's english pronounciation of the ever so infamous word FUCK.
1. speak english chink

2. ok puuck yuuuuuuuuuuuuu. and puuck your

moder and puuck your foder tooo

mutherpuuckin puucker.
by NiiceGuy September 02, 2008
0 5
bimbo-ish saying of "like"
liek he/she is soooo chumpion! how must I

compare?!? *panic*panix*some more* Now I

must run off and cry my french fry eating

fat asssssssssssssss to the cave of

doomsville!!!!!!!!!!!! baaaawaaahaaaaa!
by NiiceGuy September 02, 2008
10 23
switching the 'no' into a 'ho'. a filipino who is a HO.
"jobell is one massive filipinho"
by NiiceGuy September 04, 2008
19 38
a cheap hoe-ish male/female from the Phillipines.
"my filipino friend a damn cheap piece a shit and so I call him/her Filipinhoe."
by NiiceGuy September 01, 2008
24 56