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2 definitions by Nihiltres

Whether something is important or famous in context.

• On Wikipedia: that information about something can be verified via reliable sources.
Olympus Mons is notable for being the tallest known mountain in our solar system.

"This article clearly has a non-notable subject: I can't find any references to it in the news or at my local library. ~~~~"
by Nihiltres December 24, 2007
• A link, on Wikipedia, going to another Wikipedia page that doesn't exist. Such links are, by default, automatically coloured red by the software, hence the name.

• A page on Wikipedia that doesn't exist; links to it will be coloured red. Follows from the earlier definition.
That page doesn't lead anywhere; it's full of redlinks.

I wanted to read that Wikipedia article, but it was a redlink.
by Nihiltres October 25, 2009