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3 definitions by Nightwing83

Derogatory word used to describe specify Superman as seen in SUPERMAN RETURNS as opposed to in any other vehicle. Named for director Bryan Singer whose Superman movie featured the Man of Steel--played by a lackluster pretty boy--doing unbearably out of character stuff.
Singerman left everyone behind for five years. Singerman got Lois pregnant. Singerman peeked into her house out of jealousy. Superman would never do that shit.
by Nightwing83 July 10, 2008
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Abbreviation for Paul Is Dead: a phenomenon whereby people search for hidden clues indicating that--on November 9, 1966--Paul McCartney met a tragic end and was secretly replaced by a double. The rumor was borne in 1969 and quickly debunked; but has resurfaced recently with YouTube videos purporting to have evidence that he died.

The clues in question are usually photographs of the Beatles with only Paul holding a black prop, or some lyric that sounds like, "Paul is dead,"--or something to that effect--when it's played backwards.
I found a new PiD clue: on the cover of some rare import CD single of a song he released five years ago, he's holding his nose: a made-up symbol of death in my imagination.
by Nightwing83 July 10, 2008
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Someone who acts like they're into really "geeky" stuff because they think it's ironic that someone as "cool" as them would be not just a fan of it, but really into it.
At Wonder-Con, I bumped into this hipster dufus who was bragging about his band and how much he knows about the X-Men
by Nightwing83 July 10, 2008
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