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To search for pictures using the Google Image search engine.
He always confused Bill Paxton and Bill Pullman, so he glimaged them both.
by Nightstalker September 12, 2005
A person, usually but not always female, who uses the lowly and once-derided exclamation point indiscriminately, frequently in e-mails that begin "Hello!" or some such inanity.
He silently categorized the candidate as an Exclamista, having read her ingenious cover letter -- which, like many, began "Dear Sir!"; he would hire this hottie regardless, resigning himself to years of e-mails beginning "Thank you for the update!".
by Nightstalker November 24, 2008
verb: to pretend not to know or recognize somebody as you approach and pass him or her - sometimes accompanied by the fake checking of a magazine or book, but usually accomplished simply by avoiding eye contact; pripjuding is always obvious and awkward and humiliating to both parties
noun: one who pripjudes, especially in chronic fashion; an instance of pripjuding
Remember that hot summer student we had working for us? She totally pripjuded me this morning. She saw me coming and right away stared straight ahead like she didn’t know me. It’s okay though - I wouldn’t stop and talk to her anyway.
by Nightstalker September 15, 2009
A modern baby carriage, or pram, that occupies the width of a bus or subway car, the approximate size of a Sherman tank.
I tried to get to the back of the bus but some cougar with a prummer was blocking the way.
by Nightstalker September 15, 2009

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