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2 definitions by Nightmare-kid

The act of surprising two people who are having sex when the man is about to ejaculate. Thus breaking the mood, and his boner.
Person 1: Oh dude, Jake just walking in right when I was about to cum, he totally broke my boner.
Person 2: He's a pro at bonerbreaking.
by Nightmare-kid October 21, 2010
A console created in the early 70's for people who are overly bad at videogames. It's main purpose is to give gamers statisfaction when failing, it also gives the lonely souls out there a feeling of friendship and bromance. It also has a wicked hairstyle.
Me: *turns on Fonsole* Fonsole: 'Aaaaaaay!' *thumbs up*
by Nightmare-kid June 28, 2011