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Playing the violin with your wrist and a blade is a term used by people who cut themselves that don't want to to know what they're on about. Usually its just called "Playing the Violin" but when used around other cutters they use the full term.
Person 1: "I heard that she played the violin last night."
Person 2: "Yeah, using her wrist and a blade! I hope she's alright.
Person 1: "Playing the Violin with Your Wrist and a Blade can be dangerous, but it helps her get through the tough times."
by Nightmare Zodiac January 09, 2011
zOMG is a Gaia Online MMORPG game based in the world of Gaia. In this game objects have some how become animated and it's up to you and the rest of Gaia to help save Barton Town (and the other districts of Gaia) from The Animated. Obtain more rings (the weapons used by the players) by completing quests, or go to the Cash Shop or Nic's store and buy an array of different items to help you in your battles.
This English lesson is really boring. Lets go on Gaia Online and play zOMG, the best MMO around!
by Nightmare Zodiac December 18, 2010

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