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The discovered state of an unplanned pregnancy after a one night stand with an anonymous person met on Craig's List.
I'd better find a boyfriend quick--that discount condom broke last month and, now, I'm Craignant!
by Nighthorse July 29, 2010
When playing an online cooperative game, a microfag refers to those who try to micromanage, direct, or otherwise berate fellow players from a position of no authority and are only able to comment because they own crappy microphones. Usually 12 years of age.
I was playing demolition last night and the team spirit fell apart after some microfags put in their two cents.
by Nighthorse December 21, 2010
A Libertarian hipster, usually but not always wearing a Che Guevara shirt, who may or may not know who Che is, what socialism is, or anything at all--they just like the shirt. These people usually live in the San Francisco Bay area of California, but they also range up to Santa Cruz and have been found wandering abroad on their parents' dime.
Don't worry. It's just Bay Guevara, deciding what kind of croissant he's going to eat with his double rainbow mocha.
by Nighthorse August 07, 2010

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