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short for "stairway to heaven"

the last thing you wanna hear from an amateur when you go into a music instrument shop.
1. dude stop! read the sign: no stairways permitted in this premise

2. that punk only knows four cords, and he is strumming away on his les paul as if doing a stairway
by night rider December 19, 2003
To complement on the fertility drug you've just swallowed.

(Homer Simpson after eating a fertility pill mean to be helping Apu's subfertile wife)
by night rider December 19, 2003
1. great huge knockers on a girls chest that u squeze everyday. 2. that fat bastard has hude man tits.
1. i love to grab thouse tits

2. u have huge man tits.
by night rider September 27, 2003
The pot smoking leader of the People's Republic of Massachusetts. He is highly regarded by some people of Chumpville. Despised by others. Fancies himself as a do gooder, but is really a bad boy.
Have no fear, Prom Man is here.
by Night Rider June 04, 2004
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