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An alternative to the epithet nigger used when the speaker wishes the anger behind the N-word to be felt without the ugliness and risk of using the actual N-word.
I got no sleep last night cuz the inconsiderate nitros next door were playing their loud "music" till 4AM.
by NIggardly Eisenhower August 09, 2006
A person wearing a Bluetooth earpiece whose aura of self-importance demands all of your time and attention, yet will ignore you completely to answer an incoming call; a person resembling a Borg drone due to wearing a bulky, asinine-looking Bluetooth earpiece, except Borg drones are more creative and interesting
The bluehole stood in the aisle tapping his foot; as soon as I arrived to wait on him he ignored me to take a call.
by Niggardly Eisenhower October 01, 2006
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