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What the hell does veganism and a desert island have to do with each other? I dont know, you asked me.
idiot: what if you were stranded on a desert island and there was only a bunch of cows...

all though not all people are like this

non vegan: are you a vegan?
Vegan: yeah
non vegan: thats good stuff man (i have had that said to me before)

apparently im a self righteous arsehole because of a decision i make. what if i wasnt a vegan but just happened to have not eaten meat for ages? Am i still cool? or do i lose to a technicality?

i personally dont think vegans are denying the course of nature, but i think that we believe that we as humans have the power to do things never before accomplished that could some day better this god forsaken world, and it starts with doing our best to try to end any oppression to all living beings. Some people travel the world to rally protests, and some just choose to abstain from anything in which cruelty has been involved, for the benefit of human and non human beings alike. (I personally try to avoid sweatshop produced clothing for example). And many feel the need to bash us for this? I dont get why? I used to think vegetarians we're ridiculous, but never felt the need to bash them because they were 'brainwashed'. I used to believe in the superiority of human beings, but hypocritically would look back thousands of years for examples on how to live life. People use the nutrition myth as an excuse to tingle our tastebuds, to give in to instant gratification. People argue that our bodies are designed for eating meat.

i have never known athiests to be so religious.

we werent designed by anyone.

veganism is a choice that pisses alot of people off. its funny hahaha. if we were succesful in ending all suffering to animals around the world, people in general would be very angry at us for taking away their meat. for stealing what they loved and what was "theirs", we have no right to take that away from them. yet they dont seem to realise that what they take away from the animals "their lives" imagine how they must feel. they know exactly what is going to happen to them, when they see countless amounts of other animals of the same species being electrocuted and torn apart. Yes they do have feelings, they need them in order to survive, and they do not run on instinct alone. how could anyone be that mindlessly brutal to another living being is beyond me.

ok i better get back to enjoying and extra 7 years of life compared to the average human being and ill see you later

alright ill just shut up now ha ha ha.
by Nigel bunson archanine September 13, 2008

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