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A røv is a danish word for a bad guy or an ass.
Du er en "røv" med ører. - danish
You're an "ass" with ears - english
by Niels Daimer April 22, 2008
A dillerman is a word for penis.
It is used amongst weird persons.
"You have a very small dillerman!"
"Your dog has a lovely dillerman!"
"Your wife seem to have lost her dillerman!"
by Niels Daimer April 22, 2008
Woofernin is a word that doesn't make any sence. It is developed in the north of the island Sealand, which is part of Denmark. It is something you say when you need to fill a void in a conversation or don't know what to say.
Guy 1: "Hey, dude, look at my dirty underpants"!
Guy 2: "Ehh... woofernin!?
by Niels Daimer April 22, 2008

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