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A skating rink located all around the United States.
On friday nights, Jellybeans is infested with the following groups:

1. Scene/Emo kids with multidecorated roller skates who come with their friends and/or romantic interests
2. Chavs who can't skate to save their lives
3. Fat adults who think that rollerskating with teenagers will make them young and skinny again
4. Out-of-place bored kids who go there because the movies are too boring
"Hey, do you want to go to the movies?"

"No way, man. Let's go skate a Jellybeans."
by Nicxolelovesyou February 02, 2008
A website where you can browse different music and add them to your playlist. You can post this playlist anywhere; MySpace, Gaia, Facebook, ect. Anyone can listen to the music you put on your playlist. You can have up to 100 songs, custom-make the playlist design, and have a shuffle option. ProjectPlaylist is free and great if you hate having to change your one pathetic song on MySpace over and over again because you like so much music.
I changed my MySpace song 68 times in three hours today, so I think I'm going to just put all of them on a playlist at ProjectPlaylist.
by Nicxolelovesyou February 17, 2008
An mp3 player by Sandisk. Although it is cheaper and lighter than the iPod, don't be fooled. It only holds about 200 songs, and forget the videos because it takes too much space. The radio never works and the screen cracks and scratches VERY easily. It has a tendency to pop open, exposing the battery (thankfully, it snaps right back on). Sometimes when you want to skip a song, you have to hit the "next" button 740147 times before it actually does anything. It doesn't shuffle properly, either; it will mix up about 15 of your songs and just play those over and over again. In my opinion, go invest in an iPod or a Zune.
I just bought my Sansa yesterday, but it already looks like it was hit by a car!
by Nicxolelovesyou February 17, 2008
Most people are definiting "middle school" as a horrible place where you become emo. Well, that's a possibility, but middle school is easily the best few years of someone's life. You're too mature for the High School Musical obessors of elementary school but still too kiddie to lose your virigity. Well, for some people anyways. It's a transitioning time in our lives...let's face it, middle school is where you take your first puff of weed or your first relationship. It's a time to not be forgotten.
Middle school was some of the best years of my life.
by Nicxolelovesyou December 06, 2007

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