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As i was going through many of these definitions, it made me realize how many people are actually looking at the more movie driven looking preps than those of the real preps. i should know, i am one.

preppy people do wear Polo shirts, LL Bean and other so=uch stores as that, but we also wear uniforms. The uniforms usually consist of Polo shirts, button up collored shirts, and some kind of plaid skirt. If allowed, we wear any color we find suitable to our skin tones (usually one must wear white though). If anything in the world, we DETEST the popped collar look--that and the sweater tied around the neck look is for the movies! We do however look rather neat and quite put togather, but again that is usually the uniform pulling that look off for us. Although we do wear accesories, we in no way always wear or are quite fond of pearl headbands, necklaces, and what else one may come up with. The monogrammed items are also moive-esque. And I would like to know what a person is thinking when they say that preppy people do not match, because as i have stated--we wear uniforms. Hats are not always worn, it still gives one hat-hair and our schools don't allow it either.

We do attend prep schools (private schools, Governors schools, etc.), yet they do not have to be 100 of years old. Most of us will attend very well known colleges, yet that doesn't mean they will be located somewhere in England.

And as another point of contention, what is this business about vacationing in places such as Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, and such? We go just about everywhere anyone else does, such as Bethany Beach. Nor do our families have to have been going there for over years and years--another movie-prep cliche.
Everyone's seen Pretty in Pink, Breakfast Club, and other such classics from the 80s, yes? That is not preppy.
by NicoleR November 21, 2005

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