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2 definitions by Nicole Rayne

Sexiest book character ever. For Michael Grant's GONE Series. Big ego, big dreams, big issues, yet still entirely lovable. Adorable and passionate and the character you always find yourself giving a second chance to.
Person #1: Caine Soren tried to take over Perdido Beach again.
Person #2: Yeah, what's new?
by Nicole Rayne June 16, 2010
68 6
Epic character from Michael Grant's GONE Series. Manipulative, seductive, knowing, and sneaky. She may be a bad girl, but she has an act for doing the right thing in the end. She has strong morals, and is extremely lovable. The best girl book character out there and undoubtedly kick-ass. Always up to something and full of pride.
Listen to Diana Ladris...She's always right.
by Nicole Rayne June 16, 2010
51 4