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Failface is when someone tries to insult you but they fail miserably at it.

Can be used with careface & tryface.
Could be conjugated with the word epic making it epic-failface.
Stop slinging fail cakes around and saying this afterwards. You should probably eat one of those since you're so failface.
by Nicole Careface March 03, 2009
A person of Mexican decent either half-or full blooded, who does not speak Spanish, cook Mexican dishes or eat Spanish food.

Usually 2nd or 3rd generation Mexicans born in the United States.
"I don't like spicy food, but I am half-mexican, I guess that makes me a fakesican."

"You are such a fakesican, a fake ass Mexican!"

"Look at that fakesican, he can't even mow the lawn!"
by Nicole Careface May 15, 2009
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