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Like wonderbread only tan; a white person who is ridiculously tan because they spend too much time in a tanning salon "toasting" themselves.
I am meeting Wonder Toast at the bar later on tonight...after her tanning session.
by Nicole Brice May 11, 2007
A cartoonist; author of the comic day by day. His comics strips are often crude, offensive, racist, homophobic and sexist. He frequently uses his comics to voice his disdain for CNN, affirmative action, and feminism. His cartoons are usually not funny and more often than not, make no sense whatsoever and appear to be written by a 3rd grader for whom English is a second language. Most of the cartoons that actually make sense are creepy in a patriarchal/fetish sort of way.
Whenever I want to laugh at a repug, I visit Chris Muir's gross and offensive cartoon strip.
by Nicole Brice December 05, 2007
Someone who is naturally pale and would normally be considered "wonder bread", but has tanned so much in the tanning salon that their skin has a permanent brown and leathery appearance.
His girlfriend is fake. She wears Lee Press on Nails, bleaches her hair, and tans so much, she has turned into wonder toast.
by Nicole Brice November 30, 2007
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