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B.E.T. stands for Black Entertainment Television

A network channel targeted towards African Americans with news, sports, music and movies... etc.
I watch B.E.T. everyday
by Nicole August 16, 2003
-something disgusting, including a person, place, or subject
-referring to any thing
*after seeing puke on the floor*
What is this shit-ass shit?

That kid's a stupid shit-ass shit
by nicole October 04, 2005
The sweat that drips off your balls when you're caught fucking your cousin!
Last night I had some major relative humidity!
by Nicole December 13, 2003
a gay ass man fucking a gay ass man in the ass

derived from the idea of calling the shit in an asshole "fudge" and the man fucking would be packing it in with his penis, thus "fudge packer"
-Those guys are homosexuals.
-You're right. They must be fudge packers too.

by nicole January 09, 2006
"Gribbling" is being completely unaware of events that are going on around you, especially those that are completely obvious. Comes from King of the Hill's Dale Gribble, whose wife is having an affair, and he is the only person who is completely oblivious to what is so obviously going on between his wife, Nancy and her lover, John Redcorn.
Everyone thinks that Jacob is just gribbling about the fact that Kerry lost. He seems completely unaware.
by Nicole November 15, 2004
A term used for loading up a car with a large amount of white people, not always used in a derogatory way.
How'd you get nine people into that Mustang?
We cracker packed it.
by Nicole November 07, 2004
Crass – The Greatest Working Class Rip Off

CHORUS: Ain’t it just a rip off, oi, oi, oi/ Ain’t it just a rip off, oi, oi, oi/ Ain’t it just a rip off, oi, oi, oi/ Ain’t it just a rip off, oi, oi, oi/ What a fucking rip off, oi, oi, oi.

Another threatening glance, another macho stance/ Another aggressive fist, another arsehole pissed/ Another vicious threat, a stream of blood stained sweat/ Another bottle waved in the air, another battle with tension and fear.


Tell me, why do you glorify violence? Ain’t there nothing better to give?/ Why fuck up the only chance to be yourself and really live?/ You tell me you’re a working class loser, well what the fuck does that mean?/ Is the weekly fight at the boozer gonna be the only action you’ve seen?/ Are you gonna be one of the big boys, well, we’ve seen it all before/ Muscles all akimbo as they boot down another door/ Will you see yourself as the hero as you boot in another head/ When you’re just a pathetic victim of the media you’ve been fed/ You’re lost in your own self pity, you’ve bought the system’s lie/ They box us up and sit pretty as we struggle with the knots they tie/ Okay, so you’re right about one thing, no-one’s got the right to shit on you/ But what’s the point of shitting on yourself, what’s that gonna do?/ Working class hero beats up middle class twit/ Media labels, system’s shit/ When it looks like the people could score a win/ The system makes sure that the boot goes in.

Yeah it’s the greatest working class rip off, oi, oi, oi/ Just another fucking rip off, a fucking media ploy/ It’s the greatest working class rip off, oi, oi, oi/Ain’t it just a rip off, ain’t it just a rip off, ain’t it just a rip off, oi.

Punk attacked the barriers of colour, class and creed/ But look at how it is right now, do you really think you’re freed?/ Punk once stood for freedom, not violence, greed and hate/ Punk’s got nothing to do with what you’re trying to create/ Anarchy, violence, chaos?/ You mindless fucking jerks/ Can’t you see you’re talking about the way the system works?/ Throughout our bloody history force has been the game/ The message that you offer is just the fucking same/ You’re puppets to the system with your mindless violent stance/ That’s right fuckers, sneer at us ‘cos we say “Give Peace a chance”/ Punk is dead you wankers, ‘cos you killed it through and through/ In your violent world of chaos, what you gonna do?/ Is Top of the Pops the way in which you show how much you care?/ Will you take off now to the USA to spread your message there?/ Well mouth and trousers, sonny boy, never changed a thing/ The only thing that’ll ever change will be the song you sing/ ‘Cos when you’ve bought your Rolls Royce car and luxury penthouse flat/ You’ll be looking down your nose and saying “Punk, dear chap, what’s that?”/ You’ll be the working class hero with your middle class dream/ And the world will be the same as the world has always been/ Punk’s the people’s music so you can stuff ideas of class/ That’s just the way the system keeps you sitting on your arse/ Class, class, class, that’s all you fucking hear/ Middle class, working class, I don’t’ fucking care.

It’s the greatest working class rip off, oi, oi, oi/ What a fucking rip off, oi, oi, oi/ It’s the greatest human sell out, oi, oi, oi/ Ain’t it just a rip off oi, oi, oi

Punk’s the people’s music and I don’t care where they’re from/ Black or white, punk or skin, there ain’t no right or wrong/ We’re all just human beings, some of us rotten, some of us good/ You can stuff your false divisions ‘cos together I know we could/ Beat the system, beat its rule/ Ain’t got no class, I ain’t a fool/ Beat the system, beat its law/ Ain’t got no religion ‘cos I know there’s more/ Beat the system, beat its game/ Ain’t got no colour, we’re all the same/ People, people, not colour, class or creed/ Don’t destroy the people, destroy their power and their greed.
nathan is the greatest working class rip off
by nicole October 22, 2004
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