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a team of dancers at castillero that may not be the very best, but they are not as preppy as you would think. whoeverever thinks elsewhere, is just jealous that they didn't make the team...
"I'm on dance infinia...so what?"
by Nicole May 06, 2005
hottest guy in the whole world, most amazing voice i've ever heard, i love him more than my life, i wanna do him up the butt and im a girl it mite be kinda hard but i'll manage... all i can say is that he is the hottest guy i ever saw and i love him and my chemical romance! they rock my elephant toe sox!
i want to do gerard way up the butt as much as pudding is good
i love gerard as much as john kurasz loves computers (and thats like more than his life)
by Nicole March 29, 2005
B.E.T. stands for Black Entertainment Television

A network channel targeted towards African Americans with news, sports, music and movies... etc.
I watch B.E.T. everyday
by Nicole August 16, 2003
-something disgusting, including a person, place, or subject
-referring to any thing
*after seeing puke on the floor*
What is this shit-ass shit?

That kid's a stupid shit-ass shit
by nicole October 04, 2005
An illegal keg party where admission is charged.
Dude, we need your three bucks for that keg stand.

Dude, my fraternity was busted for a blind pig party last night.
by Nicole January 17, 2004
a successful comedian whos humorous technique is to carry the expression of boredom on his face while he performs to make his act even funnier
"Years ago, I worked in a natural, organic health food store in Seattle, Washington. One day a man walked in and asked, 'If I can melt dry ice, can I swim without getting wet?' Two days later, I was fired for eating cotton candy and drinking straight Bosco on the job." -Steve Wright
by nicole April 20, 2004
a gay ass man fucking a gay ass man in the ass

derived from the idea of calling the shit in an asshole "fudge" and the man fucking would be packing it in with his penis, thus "fudge packer"
-Those guys are homosexuals.
-You're right. They must be fudge packers too.

by nicole January 09, 2006

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