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3 definitions by Nicola de Campville

BeDazzeled confusion. A massive amount of confusion upon one's brain.
After my bf told me that he wanted a relationship and then changed it to a "non-relationship" type of relationship; I found myself completely befuggled!
by Nicola de Campville October 19, 2010
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adj. - to describe the lack of roundness to an object which is meant to be round.
That knob could be more rounderful.
by Nicola de Campville October 18, 2011
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"You A Trip, Gurl!
is wondering how to explain why all the chocolate Easter bunnies in the house came without ears...

hahaha - YATG~! Sounds like the bunnies at my house (now I got a chocolate hangover)!!! Daym!
by Nicola de Campville April 23, 2011
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