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The act of making an object more like something typically associated with a hobo.
'Dude, I can't type with these gloves on. I need to hobofy them.'
by Nicola Hassapis October 26, 2006
Billyspeak for "awkward". it seems that the Billy Martin {Good Charlotte} doll, though great, has cumbersome hands that make it less than adept at typing.
BILLY MARTIN DOLL OF DH00M: tis i the great billy
MJT: tsup, the great billy?
BILLY MARTIN DOLL OF DH00M: ionly have 1 awkwarsgle large hand 2 type w/
by Nicola Hassapis June 22, 2007
origin: Darren Hayes' MySpace video blogs.

A feeling of something being ominous - "an omnipresent intergalactic one-ness."
Darren: That note is giving this podcast a feeling of ominence. Is that even a word?
Shave: Ominence? Is it like imminence?
Darren: Well, like, if something is omiNOUS, can it be a feeling of ominence?
Shave: I would like you to call me "Your Ominence" from now on.
by Nicola Hassapis November 10, 2006
Adjective for something that looms. Quite simple, really.
"Arick's house looms. It really does. It's large and black and loomy."
{Thanks to Zack for the wonderful example.}
by Nicola Hassapis June 08, 2007

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