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A mispelling of emo. Adding the 'r' and over exaggerating the 'oooo' adds a comical hint to the sterotype of a emo. It then becomes a joint word of emo and a cow which is comical in itself and not the least bit meant to cause offence to a "emo" or a "cow" =]
*person with large hangover lays across mates bed writing lyrics on her arm because she cant afford and hasn't got any paper*
*friend walks over and starts to write emo across arm but hungover aswell mispells it as ermoo*
*friends collapse in giggles for a long time*
by Nicola EB February 27, 2007
its a term used when dropping out of college or school and the mothers then seem concerned. Finally you think they care about your problems that have caused you to drop out in the first place but no. Its because they loose beneifts. on items destroyed in anger/tantrum/breakdown shortly after u blame it on the cat which u actually dont have although your mother doesnt even notice and gets the tea on. Talking to a friend they completly understand and therefore the phrase "wana borrow my cat" came about.
"blah mum benefits ah im so angry blah smash..o il just blame the cat. she wont even notice we dont have one. wish she would"
"hm my mums the same.....wana borrow my cat"
by Nicola EB February 27, 2007

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