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Glitter Herpes is being stuck having glitter all over you for weeks, because you can't get the damned stuff off. The glitter often enjoys getting stuck on the upper parts of your cheek, just where you can see it, so it bugs you the entire time it's there.

The phrase actually originates from Edward Cullen, before he was famous. His dandruff is actually what glitter is. The herpes part is because Edward was contaminated with herpes from sucking the blood of a hooker. This is why he now sucks on animals' blood.
Edward Cullen: Muahaha...
by Nicodemus Ramirez November 10, 2010
A man who is uber sexy, and gets all of the girls by buying them.

You can tell if you spot a Won online, for he will type out an Asian accent, and type improperly.
Guy 1: hey, hey guh! i buy u 1 dorra! 1 dorra good! i buy u!
Guy 2: Wow, what a Won!
by Nicodemus Ramirez July 03, 2010

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