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A horrifying (though possibly fictitious) wasting disease, which is wished upon internet commenters who have sinned against the community (usually by way of a "first" or a "failed firstie").
After reading an article or viewing an image or video, you notice there are no comments.

You post:


The replies quickly follow:

- Die of CancerAIDS, a**hole!
- Drown in a bucket of CancerAIDS, douchebag!


You believe no one has commented yet, so you post:


Sadly for you, as you were typing, the true first post went up, and it was actually relevant and even insightful, which only served to highlight your own pathetic lack of worth as a human. And so...

- Failed firstie, you sad twat. Its the CancerAIDS for you!
by Nico de Mas May 29, 2010

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