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Something really awesome or sweet.
"Dude, i just bought The Doors greatest hits"

Awesomely sweet!
by Nico Mahsina June 13, 2006
Something really cool or awesome.
"Dude, im going to see the white stripes."

by Nico Mahsina June 13, 2006
emo fag
An often fake, make up wearing attention whore with stupid flippy things in their hair that do what everyone else is doing and smokes weed because they think their life is bad.

This is a person who really has no problems but likes to think they do so they piss and moan and smoke weed all day and cut themselves and talk about how their life is pointless and they think they are suicidal. Of course Emo kids never die. That would be too convienient.
They usually wear make-up because they are stupid attention whores and most likely gay anyway and also wear tight clothes. They follow trends and go with whatever everyone else is doing and have those gay flippy things with their hair, known as the devils lock and take pictures with their camera above their heads looking like an idiot. listens to Hawthorne Heights, Silverstein, and any other bands that talk about cutting/killing themselves. Stupid emo kids.
Look at that gay emo kid wearing make-up.
Emo kids are fags.
Go Die Emo kid.
Cut my wrists and black my eyes.
by Nico Mahsina June 13, 2006

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