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3 definitions by Nicky Nacky Noo

When you've hit it so hard (got mash up on a superb mix of drink and drugs) and you're being sick and you shit yourself at the same time

This generated from a mis-spelling of the word seriously - thus a new word and definition was born.

Contributions from Disco, Curly, Joseph Von Sniffon and Kimberley the Cainer
'maaaan i was so fucked i went home and i was seriosuly'

'do you know that cocktail of absinthe and ketamine got me seriosuly'
by Nicky Nacky Noo April 17, 2008
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A nicer, girlier word for cunt.
Looks and sounds less offensive. Not quite as strong a word, would use it in terms of referring to someone as a bit of a minge.
Originated many moons ago on an Essex forum, was taken to Magalluf to use as fond abuse of everyone in the Summer of 2006
You utter skanking kuntox
by Nicky Nacky Noo March 11, 2008
2 3
Someone who is well ugly, a member of the Butterz Crew
Have you seen so and so's new girlfriend? She's a proper RIPDOG
by Nicky Nacky Noo March 10, 2008
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