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a person who is usually sleeping, and another person takes their penis and smacks it across their (the person who is sleeping) face to wake them up and the slap by the penis wakes the person up, usually the person ends up with a red mark on his or her's face from the slap
Hey man tyler is passed out what should we do to him? and the friend replies: Give him a mushroom stomp but aim for the top lip between the nose and the lip!
by Nicky Jim October 06, 2008
A person (usually an under age person) who is walking down the street puffing on a Black and Mild cigar. this cigar is usually smoked by a teenager or a black person because they taste good and are really cheap. this term usually applies if a person asked the smoker "whats up?"
The person's cell phone rings and are asked, "Hey bro what are you doen right now?" the person will reply, "nuthen just smoken blackies"
by Nicky Jim October 06, 2008

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