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2 definitions by Nicky J Liverpool

Used to describe an unusually agressive lesbian, not specifically one of Jock heritage.
Girl tells guy to get lost at the bar after guy delivers a shite chat up line. Guy returns to his friends explaining his unsuccessful attempt by stating "Obviously a sporran basher!"
by Nicky J Liverpool February 24, 2009
A Jonny Cash Tribute is experienced the morning after excessive drinking and eating unusually hot food, usually laced with chilli etc. Involves long periods spent on the bog with red hot molten shite dripping out of your ring piece, leaving the sufferer with a 'Ring of Fire' i.e. stinging anus. Hence a tribute to Jonny Cash
"Christ I spent an hour on the bog this morning doing a Jonny Cash Tribute after last nights vindaloo"
by Nicky J Liverpool February 24, 2009