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2 definitions by Nicktastic42

when you want to give your girlfriend a nasty surprise, you take the supplement Ejaculoid which increases a man's volume of semen by 600% without telling her so the next time she blows you, she gets more than she bargained for.
Last night, i ejaculoided my hoe and she damn near drowned.
by Nicktastic42 November 28, 2007
8 6
Cuffable; when you and a friend both want to sleep with a girl, but don't want to worry about sloppy seconds, you partake in finger cuffs, so a girl that you would want to do this to would be considered cuffable. usually a girl who isnt hot enough that you or your friend would want her to yourself.
Guy 1: damn dude, Suzie's looking cuffable.
Guy 2: yeah, bro, i'm totally down.
*high five*
by Nicktastic42 November 28, 2007
9 35