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3 definitions by Nickkk!!!

A term used by myspacers gone facebookers see mytraitor when he/she doesn't know to say write on your wall.
"Yo bro! Instead of commenting you on myspace, I'll just comment you on facebook." "Do you mean write on my wall?" "Oh yah, i guess so, sorry, I'm just so used to saying comment on myspace"
by Nickkk!!! May 29, 2007
14 4
A word used to descibe people who quit myspace and switch to facebook.
"Hey guys, I deleted my myspace and got a facebook because everybody else has one." "Ugh, you're such a mytraitor!"
by Nickkk!!! May 29, 2007
9 1
One who uses a wiffleball bat to trim long pieces of grass and dandielions in his/her lawn. A batscaper usually does this after swinging the bat and missing the ball.
"Awesome curveball, too bad I missed it. AH! I'm so angry! starts swinging the bat at dandielions. "HEY! stop being a batscaper!"
by Nickkk!!! May 28, 2007
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