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2 definitions by Nickington

A act of spontanious sex, usually in unsanitary conditions, the back of a building, 'sloppy seconds', a cheap whore. this was named after Oscar the Grouch.
Man 1: i could really go for some right now...
Man 2: why dont you pick up suzie, shes a bit oscar, but shes alright
by Nickington November 21, 2007
When you're just too damn ignorant to completely say "turn up" and you instead decide to not complete the full term of "turn up". It has the same meaning as "turn up" or "turnt".
John: "Hey, Ben! What are you doing tonight?"

Ben: "Turnah! Turnah! Turnah!"

John: "Wow, you're ignorant."
by nickington December 10, 2013