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n. 1. a sexy boyfriend who capitalizes on his good looks to mooch off his girlfriend/s. 2. a good looking man who hangs around bars and entices women to buy him drinks.
"Man, Rico Suave over there just scored another free drink from that cougar...whatta hobonero!"

"Why dontcha quit being a hobonero, and stop taking money from your girlfiend's purse?"
by Nickilicious December 15, 2007
a portmanteau of jabberwocky and Wikipedia.
1. a person whose attempts at witty conversation comes mostly from Wikipedia articles. 2. someone who monopolizes conversations with random trivia. 2. v. to bore the hell out of your friends by incessantly spouting unsubstantiated and useless facts.
1. Matt was such an annoying jabberwiki that his co-workers avoid his company.

2. "Tell your girl to go easy on the sauce, dude. Once she gets hammered she turns into a jabberwiki!"

3. "Who are you trying to impress, Larry? What you just said was pure, unadulterated jabberwiki!"
by Nickilicious January 12, 2008
v. When a girl moves her face away from an ejaculating penis to avoid cum from hitting her in the eyes, nose or mouth, getting it in the neck or hair instead.
Daisy hates her face being turned into glazed doughnut, so she's become an expert in cumducking.
by Nickilicious February 12, 2008
1. n. long-winded and usually unrelated stories about one's self that a person brings up to the effect of monopolizing a conversation. 2. a point in the conversation where trite and oft-repeated accounts of one's life bore the hell out of everybody. 3.me-ographist: someone who indulges in talking constantly about one's self. 4. me-ographize: to make friends suffer by regularly repeating stories about one's self.
1. The soiree was going well until old Mrs. Lawhorne proceeded to bore her guests with her me-ography.
2. "I swear man, make the mistake of asking Joan how her day was, and you're in for a me-ography marathon."
3. "If all of Matt's me-ographies were true, he'd be a hundred years old!"
by Nickilicious January 22, 2008

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