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The Lane Position is when you, and (a) friend(s),

and lay down in the middle of the road (preferably

a lane w/ more traffic), with an erection. The first

one to become flaccid wins; the loser loses his penis.

This can be accomplished side-by-side or, one after another. (feet-to-head)


Cars need to be going fast. The faster the car, the

more extreme.

No Blacks. (they'll never win)
No Asians. (they'll always win)
Friend 1: Want to go on the interstate, and do the Lane Position?

Friend 2: No, I am black; therefore I will not be able to partake. You see, I am too well endowed.

Friend 1: Oh.. well, would you care to partake, Friend 3?

Friend 3: Fuck no.
by Nickef October 13, 2010

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