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WWP - an acronym for "White Person's Problem"
Dont worry about cleaning up this room, it's a WPP.
by nick_g August 02, 2010
A word used to describe 'renewable' forms of energy
Do you think unicorn fart enery would be enough to replace fossil fuels?
by nick_g April 27, 2011
Means a small amount of anything. Could refer to anything,
depending on the context in which it is used.
The annual company gifts were pretty slim pickens this year.
by nick_g August 17, 2011
A question with an obvious response.
Dude 1: Will you take the money?

Dude 2: Yes I will! It's a no brainer.
by nick_g August 12, 2011
Phrase made popular by a Wendy's TV commercial, which generally means a certain thing is lacking in main substance.
The hamburger has a huge bun, but where's the beef?
by nick_g July 22, 2011
verb, to scratch the paintjob surface of a car.
I had my car out of storage for just 3 days, and some dickless piece of shit had the nerve to key (ones) car.
by nick_g July 01, 2010
an automotive industry term used to describe something that is 100% exact
The oil gauge is 100% dead on balls accurate
by nick_g July 14, 2011
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