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3 definitions by Nick2401

1. A cactus in your ass or vagina. It can be an accidental occurence, but it was most likely put there by your boyfriend. A Sonoran Dildo is probably extremely unpleasent.

2. Something gay guys put in there ass to feel something because after years of gay sex, there ass becomes numb and longs for a cactus to be shoved in it.
Ex 1: I had to go to the hospital because my boyfriend used a Sonoran Dildo on me.

Ex 2: John and Tom died yesterday because they gave each other Sonoran Dildos.
by Nick2401 June 22, 2011
1.The act of wiping poop off of your poop dick in someone's armpit. The subsequent sight and smell may induce vomiting.

2. When a young girl who wears diapers gets crap in her infantile vagina. The mess can be described as a Shit Pit.
Ex 1: After dipping his meat log in Sarah's swamp ass, John realized he had poop dick. He then gave Sarah a shit pit.

Ex 2: The site of my daughter's Shit Pit caused me to divorce my wife and move very far away.
by Nick2401 June 22, 2011
1. When your dick or balls have polio is defined as Dickolio. They become completely worthless.

2. A term coined by Demetri Martin and John Benjamin.

3. A limp dick.
Man Whore, "Last night I saw this chicks slut bagel and I was immediately stricken with Dickolio."

Mark Hoppus, "I saw your boobs, and my wiener ran away."
by Nick2401 June 22, 2011